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Default Re: SKB Hardshell Case sizes

Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
Any thoughts on these?
I have never used Gator, but I used an very similar Aussie made case called Ragone for many years. They seems to be made out of a very similar type of plastic and like Gator, weren't nearly as rigid as SKB. They also had no lining in the cases at all. They have been packed in cars, vans and trucks with a full stage production (amps, PA's, speakers, lighting, rigging etc) and hauled by various band and crew members over the years. Despite all that, they protected my drums perfectly. Whilst not a patch on brands like SKB or Hardcase, my drums never saw any damage at all....including scratches, dings or dents to either the shells or the shell hardware.

All in all, any protection is good protection. SKB are the best I've seen and I recommend them highly, but they are certainly expensive. If you think that nobody is ever gonna do anything unnecessarily stupid while carrying your cases, then Gator will certainly offer protection.

That said, it was only yesterday that I was reading a thread or two highlighting problems with the glue that holds the lining in Gator cases. There were a couple of incidences reported where an adverse reaction with the glue caused rusting and pitting on the drum hardware. Just something that may be worth considering too.

Post #15 of this thread contains the links to the Gator glue issue:
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