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Default Re: SKB Hardshell Case sizes

1) Will my toms with the Starcast tom mounts fit into the cases comfortably? Same question for bass drum spurs/ base of tom holder and floor tom leg mounts. I'm assuming these cases allow for extra room for standard mounted hardware.

Tough one. Simply put, some do and some don't, purely because all shell hardware is not created equal. I've read posts here where some mounting hardware fits inside the case with no issues. But I've also seen comments where they don't. As Caddy suggests, take a couple of toms in and see if they work for you.

2) (Ditto for the snare, mine is 5x14 but can only get a 5.5x14 case.) With the extra depth in the cases, will there be too much play room? .

Specifically on the snare cases. Yeah, there is a bit of room to spare depth wise. I have my 14 x 6.5 snares sitting in 14 x 5.5 deep cases. They fit like a glove. So a 14 x 5 snare in a 14 x 5.5 case will give you about an inch and a half spare. You can always throw a bit of padding and a spare head in there though.....another Caddywumpus suggestion......he's a smart lad, that one. ;-)

3) Recommendation for SKB hardware case? I have 6 boom stands and a hi-hat stand (along with snare stand and throne, but I have a heavy duty plastic tote for them.) Should I get a large case or maybe 2 mid-sizers so it doesn't give me a hernia?

Don't use SKB hardware cases, but I think the other guys have covered this well.
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