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Default Why is it so hard...

to find good, decent, bandmates? It's easier to find a wife or significant other than it is to find a comfortable, compatable band. A few years ago in this area there was a band called the Zen Motor Orchestra that we gigged with on occasion. Then they split because of issues several had with others in the band. Yet these guys went out to concerts together, played frisbee football together, but couldn't play music together? Come on!

The band I just left - all got together and ate during rehearsals and chowed down. Someone would bring BBQ or pizza,or someone grilled chicken breasts or whatever, the wives all got along great and talked while the guys were rehearsing, etc. But we can't play music together now because what started off as several ppl just "getting together for fun" turned into a business all of a sudden and the material even had to be nailed perfectly - even in rehearsals. When there was a probelm musically it wasn't discussed, no guidance was given, etc.

That's something I'll never understand.

A coupla guys I know who are much more experienced than I and have played music a lot longer and been in many more bands have told me they've lost count at the number of times they've been fired or "replaced" because someone's ego, fickleness, wanting to change directions, bad management, personality, etc. One gal even told me she was fired from a successful band because she knew more music theory than the band leader did and he felt "threatened".

Sorry to bring this up again in another thread, but man this stuff is getting old. Almost like being back in junior high and all the idiodic cliques and stuff....
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