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Default Re: Alesis Sample Pad

I have a SamplePad, and it's VERY cool! Ultra simple to operate, and if you must read the instructions, they're a brief 90 seconds well spent.

16bit has to do with the structure of a sample. The higher the bit rate, the more 'true' the sound. CDs are 16bit, so the SamplePad is right there. BTW, the Roland and Yamaha units only take 16bit .wav files as well.

The only possible drawbacks are, it only plays mono samples (do you really need a stereo kick, snare, or tom?) and only takes 14mb of samples. So that's about 3 minutes of CD quality sound, which should be way more than one would need for a bunch of drum hits, cymbals, sfx, and even short loops.

The best thing is the price: $200. It's the least exepensive, easiest to use sample/pad unit there is.

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