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Default SKB Hardshell Case sizes

A couple questions here regarding SKB hardshell cases:

I recently bought a new Tama Silverstar Lacquer 6pc Kit. Love it! Especially considering it's my first new kit in 20 years after playing on and off on a Gretsch kit from Sears.

When gigging, I'd just throw my drums and hardware in the SUV and head out (I have always used a hardshell cymbal case.) Now that I have a "nice" drumkit, I want to buy some hardshell cases for use when gigging. The SKBs get rave reviews everywhere.

1) Will my toms with the Starcast tom mounts fit into the cases comfortably? Same question for bass drum spurs/ base of tom holder and floor tom leg mounts. I'm assuming these cases allow for extra room for standard mounted hardware.

2) My mounted tom sizes are 8x10 and 9x12. I can only get the SKB cases in 9x10 and 10x12. (Ditto for the snare, mine is 5x14 but can only get a 5.5x14 case.) With the extra depth in the cases, will there be too much play room? The floor toms (12x14 and 14x16) and the bass drum (18x22) have cases that match their exact sizing.

3) Recommendation for SKB hardware case? I have 6 boom stands and a hi-hat stand (along with snare stand and throne, but I have a heavy duty plastic tote for them.) Should I get a large case or maybe 2 mid-sizers so it doesn't give me a hernia?

Thanks for any and all help!

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