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Default HI all - I'm Ken

This is me. Been lurking for a bit, posting occasionally. Been a member, moderator and owner of many forums over the years across all types of interests, from photography, to diving, to gardening, to home audio, automotive and drums.

Drummerworld is in a time of transition - but no different from any other forum. Early adopters long for the good ol' days, new comers ask questions that have been asked, there are acrimonious splits. leadership changes, etc. But the same Forum truths exist here as they do on any other vBulletin Forum: Content lives forever - choose your words carefully, and be yourself. Characters and content are what forums are about.

The forums are where all the real information is. I drive people to forums of their specific interest whenever they need to know anything from real people. This forum is loaded with super content and great tips - I really like it here.

More about me:

Real name? Ken

Age? 51

How long have you been playing? Pics of me with wood spoons on pots at age 1. Had sticks around forever. Matching band (Timpani) in HS. First kit was a used Tama Imperial Star I paid on for months and brought home April 27th, 1979. Been playing drums almost every day since.

Origin of user name? Been my user name on every forum since forums were called 'lists'

Your top 5 drummers?
Wow. Uh, Tony Brock, Roger Meadows Taylor, Neil, Mike Portnoy, Dennis Chambers

Make of drumkit? Main rig: 1996 Keller DW. Back up rigs too numerous to mention

Make of cymbal?
I use mostly Zildjian K Custom Darks. I have Sabian effects stuff, a few Wuhon China's.

Where do you practice? My home studio

Are you in a band?
Too many. I'm a collaborative artist. The phone rings, I go.

Do you play covers or originals? Yes.

What style of music? Prog, Rock, Pop, Metal, Gospel, CCM, Indy, Latin, Jazz... whatever. Its music. Who wants only one flavor on their plate?

Favourite take out food? Something healthy with lots of protein. I'm a gym rat.

What country do you live in? SoCal

One really odd fact about yourself? I've never had a drum lesson.

How did you start drumming?
I don't ever remember not drumming.
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