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25 years ago when I first saw Maiden at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then) Nicko inspired me to take up drumming. I got a Pearl Export kit and off I went. But, alas, along came the wife and kids and the kit went to pay for a new bathroom!

Twenty years later and I've seen Maiden more times than I care to remember. Went to Nicko's drum evening in London last November and I was right at the front of the stage. I positioned myself so I could see what his right foot was upto and it was immense. The final few moments of 2 Minutes To Midnight was incredible, as was his abridged version of Where Eagles Dare.

Now I have more time and money, he has inspired me and made me fall in love with drums all over again. Looking into a new Pearl VB kit.

One thing that left me agog was that he demo'd a new snare. I don't know if drums in the rock world have been made this way before but the shell had been taken from the centre of a log. It wasn't ply, it was solid timber. He said that Premier were looking at making a complete custom kit for him in this way. Imagine the wastage of timber and cost of such a kit.

As a carpenter and cabinet maker I can't help but wonder how a piece of hollowed out timber in the round, not matter how well seasoned, is going to cope with the changes in humdity and temperature as it goes from aircraft hangar to the humid Indian sub continent, the dry arid shores of Australia and then the freezing climes of Northern Europe.

Here's a picture of him from the drum show last November.

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