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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
Nice looking kit aircooled0801!…just curious does the woofer on front of the bass drum make that difference?… looks-wise it certainly does
Sorry for taking so long to respond. Yes, the woofer makes a HUGE difference. The "boom" is unbelievable! If you're a pure speed player though, I find the smaller 20 or 22 kicks without the woofer much quicker (obviously) with more punch and recovery, but if you're a power player like I am, the combo is perfect. Quite honestly, the best kick I've ever owned is on my mid 90's DW natural maple kit that's a 20 x 18 with a 20 x 10 woofer. I haven't added that pic anywhere on here, but if you look up my ID on YouTube, you'll see it in one of my video's. Anyway, that kick is really the best of both worlds. Boom boom boom, but still has good rebound due to it's smaller diameter.

Speaking of kicks, I'm adding a new baby to the kit... a 24 x 24 custom DW kick that was Tommy Lee's during the Generation Swine period (1997). It's silver sparkle to match, but it's lacquer finish vs. finish ply. I'll set it up basically as you would a traditional double kick setup (but the 28 with woofer will still be in the left rear), so having the one 24 x 18 (plus the 24 x 8 woofer) next to the 24 x 24 should look pretty cool. I will probably also refinish my blue 24 woofer in silver sparkle to match and place it in front of the 24 x 24 (at times anyway) which will put the kick setup over the top for power playing. :-) If that works out the way I think it will, I actually have ANOTHER 28" woofer that I can place in front of the other 28" woofer (for looks only of course).

Since selling two of my three 28 kicks, I'll probably also convert my 18" floor tom to a kick to have as an aux. kick to the right of my primary kick. Always changing stuff around!!! This addiction never gets old, but it sure is freaking expensive!!! Like I'm telling any of you anything new though.
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