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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Well in all fairness, repetition is good for one's opinion about Travis. His "tinkering" fills, with the little off-beat cymbal bell hits and stuff is kind of infectious. The more you listen the more you like.

I like Greenday and Bowling for Soup type punk drumming better (simpler, less busy).

That snare outro thing on "lost without you" doesn't do anything for me. I've never been a big rudimental snare fan anyway, so....

Again, my sole problem with his playing is just differences in taste, and people's tendancy to idolize him.

I wonder what he's gonna do next (now that blink is dead) and how his drumming style will fit into it?
well, the whole thing that his style changes everything....its very true. i think that since the transplants are no longer together, and blink broke up, heh will concentrate on this thing with mark, but it wont last very long, because the punk style drumming fits him very well, also, stu you said that the rudiments didnt do anything for you; that was a total marching thing, and i wish that travis would have not gone to the aquabats( in an alternate reality, of course) and instead gone to DCI because i follow that kind of stuff, and he would have been amazing to see where he would have been now
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