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Default Re: Are you ashamed of what someone might find on your playlist?

Originally Posted by CCdrummer View Post
I never really understood all the hate for Nickelback. Myself I am not a fan nor a hater. Sometimes I think that the hate towards them comes out of jealousy. Sure, the lyrics are juvenile and stupid but how many other bands could you say that about?

Their performance at this years Grey Cup (canadian version of superbowl) was incredibly tight.
I'm a fan. Saw them live on the For All The Right Reasons tour, and they're one of the most killer live acts I've ever seen. Also, Daniel Adair is one hell of a drummer.

They got a lot of hate early on, and then it just became cool to bash them. Like you said, they don't have a lot of depth, but that applies to thousands of bands. They've never claimed to be about anything other than having a good time and making sure their audience does as well.
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