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Default Re: Travis Barker's Wife Is Hot

Originally Posted by Zardoz
All I have to say is............remember when some of you were really young/naive and didn't know jack squat about music? You'll probably say "yes" and then remember that you were praising drummers like Peter Criss, Nick Mason and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) back when you were a wee little lad and now thinking to yourself "Wow.......I was way off." Well, kids are still doing the same thing today.

The videos that beatsMcGee posted were entertaining, nothing mind-blowing, but then again is that what he's trying to do? Somehow I doubt it. When your fanbase is mostly young teenage girls, you could sit there and do triplets all day and they'll spill blood for it. However, the solo vid on this site of him coming up from the floor is just embarrassing. I think that should be removed. It's cool he uses electronic samples in that, but he should probably ask Mr. Peart or Jimbo (if you don't know then leave this site now) how to really use them.

Barker is a great punk drummer, there's no doubt about that. I enjoy his playing on that Boxcar Racer cd the most. He gets really creative in some of his parts, especially since.....hello!!!! It's punk music for God's sake.....not Zappa or Benny Goodman. I give him kudos for not just playing fast crap beats.

Is he the best drummer in the history of music? No, but y'know what? He's the most popular now, so of course you're going to get all the naive people following that schtick of "omg dude he's on MTV all the time. he's the best drummer ever. like like, he's awesome."

to stu: yea that is acutally the GC 2006 drumm off you can see the logo on the back screen behind barker, and you can also look it up online... so it is ACTUALLY him, thanks .

and to Zardoz, you have a good point but i cant help but to feel a little animostiy towards you post because it seems like your discribing me, and many others, as teeny boopers who are cought up in a fad-which, in my case, is completely the oposit. i agreed all along travis barker is not the best, i just think hes ragged on way to much, and for what? ive liked him well before he ever got on tv and became a "celeb". i always thought his drumming was creative, and he is very well suited for the style of music he plays. I never said what he did was impossible to do, but it is creative, and fun ! and he dose have a fun energetic style, and brings a refreshing sound to pop/punk/hip hop music. it just so happened that he, and many others,was one of the many drummers that i really took to as far as style and chops. but i am well versed in the elclectic styles of many drummers out there like; steve gadd, copland, peart, bonham, chambers, weckl, mitchell etc.... i dont just listen to travis and think "wow hes the damn greatest drummer ever" i apreciate what hes doing, and hell its fun to watch and listen to, aswell as play.
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