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Default Re: Can any Bassists help me? (or Guitar Tech's?)

Originally Posted by VladTheLad View Post

Is there any other essentials that I should look into?...
Like, How does the Bridge affect the sound and playing?
What are some recommended strings (I know that should be my own choice)?
Should I replace the Tone Circuit?
And any recommended amps?
From what I'm looking at, Jerry Only uses dual split-coil (P-style) pickups in his basses, that will give you some definite low-end. I recommend not skimping on these (or the bridge); buy premium pickups and bridges for the most tone from the instrument. Having said that, Jerry simply runs his signal full-on from the bass, he hasn't got a volume or tone knob on it at all.

He's running an Acoustic head as a pre-amp into Ampeg SVT amps and cabinets - very easy-to-find stuff, available at most any halfway serious music stores. His strings are Rotosound roundwounds, again very typical and easy to find. I personally play and like DR's Black Beauties, more for the feel than for the looks, although a horror-punk bassist might appreciate having black strings.

Good luck with your project!
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