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Default Re: Can any Bassists help me? (or Guitar Tech's?)

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I don't think you're on to a stupid idea, but if you're so set on it, wouldn't it be easier to just find out what the real bass player plays and just get that? After you factor all your labor costs into building what you want, I'm sure you would've spent enough to buy his rig, no?
Haha, you'd think wouldn't you?.. But no, if I were to buy his stuff (all of their instruments are Custom Hand-Made) then I'd say that would end up costing me well over a grand.. At least.
If I had that amount of money then it would be going on that Custom Snare that I wanted haha, so I'm sticking on a budget here.

I've looked into some EMG's and Seymour Duncan's and some of them aren't actually as dear as I expected.. It would only cost around 300 to fully build one, and because I'll be doing it bit by bit, I don't need to spend lots of money that I don't have in one go.
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