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Default Can any Bassists help me? (or Guitar Tech's?)

Hey guys,
I'm looking for some Bassist or Guitar Tech (or even just someone who has the answer to my question!!)

I'm about to buy a bass, and I'm wanting to use it mainly for a Misfits Tribute Band that I'm starting (just need a drummer haha).
I'm wondering which pickups I should buy to replace the stock ones with.

I've looked into just buying a Jerry Only or Doyle Sig Bass, but tbh, I'd rather make my own instead of getting a custom made one (600[Production]-3500[Handmade]) because it will personally be mine, and it won't cost too much.
Also, Oktober Guitars aren't/haven't released Doyle's Annihilator/DevilWing Pickups yet.

For those that don't know, The Misfits is a Horror-Punk band, and so I'm looking to get a Horror-Punk sound.

I'm guessing you'll need to know which guitar I'm going to be rebuilding too?
That'll be a Stagg XB-300-GBK.

Is there any other essentials that I should look into?...
Like, How does the Bridge affect the sound and playing?
What are some recommended strings (I know that should be my own choice)?
Should I replace the Tone Circuit?
And any recommended amps?

Thanks a lot for anyone who replies :)

This might seem like a stupid idea to some of you, but I'm definitely set on this tribute band, and I'm gonna do anything to pull it off.
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