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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
If they left you hanging to the point you needed a lawyer, that's rough. I have been shopping there since 1978 (no lie) and never an issue. Usually, a DW problem is dealt with DW directly, but if they legit screwed you it's good you hold them accountable and share the experience.
The two threads I started regarding "high end kit" or "14in ft"...those threads are dealing with the whole mess. It is long and drawn out.

I can tell you that I loved drum world and then they totally left me out to dry during multiple issues. The final straw was when I called them to inform them that I had a myriad of problems with the collector's kit and I needed help. They didn't ask me what those problems were or to see the kit and just said they would get back to me. They never got back to me. Seven days later, (and this story is very long) I got in contact with a lawyer for the first time in my life about consumer protection and then called them. Upon hearing my voice, it was apparent they were dodging me as they said "oh, sorry, forgot to call you back. DW isn't going to do anything about the kit."

Now as I said, they never asked me what the problems were or to look at the kit. So how could anyone make that decision? I informed them I had a lawyer. Two hours later, the whole kit was getting replaced. The story is a good read in those threads though :)

Bottom line, I had to cut drum world out of the mix. John Good of DW called me personally after I sent him a letter and is taking care of me. And that wasn't the only issue I had with Drum World not looking out for me as a customer. I have many stories. As I said, I've never even had close to that experience shopping for anything else. So, just a fair warning to anyone.

Personally, I judge a business by what they do in the worst case scenarios, not the best. And in this case, they were bad enough I had to get an attorney, which believe me, took a ton of stress and lost sleep before I came to that decision.

Sorry for the derail of the thread! Keep showing those kits! :)
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