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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

1966 Vintage Slingerland Drumset in White Marine Pearl - $8500

And no, it's not a type-o.

Yes a 4 poc vintage Slingerland is worth some serious change, but LOL< no where near $8500. I could buy 6 or 7 identical kits for $8500.

I see people over price their drums, but that takes the cake. hahaha

On a similar note:
For sale is a "one of a kind" custom made drumset by Drum Workshop. John Good and I personally hand selected the drum shells.

I know the asking price is high but when you hear the amazing sound from this set, you will understand why.
Nearly every DW collector kit is a one of a kind. And yeah, it might sound nice, but it's not going to be any different than any other DW collector made with the same care.
To ask nearly 3 times what it is worth is just ridiculous.
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