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My 6x14 HD walnut stave. Love this drum.

And a quick question. I have a mapex black panther snare that I never use and think I am buying a cherry stave shell and transferring the hw to it from the mapex. The cherry shell is undrilled but has edges and beds cut. The stave shell is 6x14 and the mapex is 6.5x14. How do I determine where to drill on the stave shell? Instinct says to measure from the top of the bearing edge to the center of the lug holes on the mapex and duplicate that on the cherry shell and also measure the distance from hole to hole on the mapex and then again duplicate that on the cherry shell. Sorry if this is a stupid question or if it is derailing thread. There are so many quality builders posting in this thread that I got inspired to try my hand at drilling. Maybe I will gain enough confidence to try from scratch depending on the success of my first project. Thanks in advance.
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