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Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
I wanted to stop that awful clunking sound when you open your hi-hat too fast. This also slows down the upward motion of the hi-hat springing up. I modified a Tama Roadpro hi-hat stand.

So I grabbed a spring from one of the screw spikes (which were the right diameter!)...

And I placed it on the lower pull rod just above that rubber ring above hi-hat chain.

1. Open the hi-hat a little so that the pedal can be pushed down to reveal the lower part of the hi-hat pull rod below the main tube.
2. Unscrew floor spike and slip off spring.
3. Use pliers to bend one end of the spring open enough so the spring can be coiled around the thin post (the lower part of the pull rod) above the hi-hat chain.
4. Do the same to the other end of the spring as well (I did not do this but it would make things easier).
5. Twist the spring onto the rod (be careful to not pierce your fingers with the ends of the spring).
6. It might be a good idea to use pliers to bend the bottom end of the spring (which may protrude a little more from the rest of the spring now) into a place where it is less likely to snag on something (like trouser cuffs). In this case I let it rest ontop of that rubber stopper.
Wow, very resourceful! I think I will try this as well for smoother hihat operation.
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