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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
But that begs the question of where you go from there. It feels to me like the circle is going to turn soon-ish because there's not much room to take things further.
Yes, it can be another topic open to discussion indeed, a follow to your thread: The birth of heavy metal , it could be named " the after birth effect and the future on heavy metal", lol, with this thread in between the two :)

Many metal artists and bands do not know what to invent or create within the genre, but a shocking image, agressive lyrics and riffs, and every aspect to touch a new audience seemed to have been covered, perhaps a return to where it all started could be the answer, both in terms of musicality and image, like in fashion, nothing's really new isn't it? things from the past keep re-appearing all the time.

You liked Sweet Dreams didn't you Polly, here's a metallised version, with all the look and approriate (disappropriate?) voice and riffs:
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