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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Death metal is not dead, it just smells funny ... someone had to say it :)

For those wondering about jazz sub genres and where jazz starts and ends, here's the famous Kenny G thread in all of its 12-page glory. A DW classic ...

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
All the silly sub-genres really reinforce the goofiness of metal. It is the goofiest genre of music out there, moreso than childrens' TV music, because the harder core the metal fan, the more seriously they take it. Spinal Tap made a statement on the goofiness of metal that still cannot be improved upon.

About the only sub-genre of metal that doesn't take itself seriously is Butt Rock. Unless there's Vikingcore Black Doom Foul Odor Butt Rock. You can tell someone take metal too seriously when they start excluding Butt Rock and other established genres from the metal family tree.
DMC, you've been hard on metal for a while, I suspect because there's so many metal-related posts on this board that are of no interest to you.

Like you, as a rule I can't stand modern metal (I have one doom metal song in my YouTube Favourites) . However, I remember being a metalhead when I was young (back then Deep Purple and Black Sabs were considered to be metal bands).

I remember how, if music didn't have a certain level of ferocity then it didn't hit the spot. There HAD to be those aggressive distorted guitar chords and/or riffs, screaming lead solos and ferocious, fast drumming - the faster and more ferocious, the better.

What opened up my tastes were the bands' own eclecticism, where the fierce stuff was interspersed with more lyrical moments. That created an attraction for music that reminded me of those lyrical moments and I soon discovered blues, prog, fusion, jazz, etc ... until in middle age I rediscovered my love of good melodic pop that I'd loved before Slade turned me towards the Dark Side when I was about 13 :)

It all happens in stages. Many of these hardcore metal players will diversify in time just as I did, though they might be less inclined to if you give them something to rebel against ... that's how it worked for me when I was young :)
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