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Originally Posted by lunchladysrcool
And to justify your oppinion on why he is not a great drummer is rediculous.
(Ah, first post. Welcome to DW, enjoy your stay)
Well, any of us disagree with your assessment. To say he is the greatest thing ever and then NOT justify it is rediculous.

How do we know what he's capable of? Well, he has a 10-year discography for one. I've seen more Travis Barker videos than probably any other drummer ever (and I've been watching drummer vids for 22 years).

My question to you is "How do YOU know how much WE practice"? Again (103rd time I've asked this), what does my skill have to do with a thread about Travis Barker?

So I click on the 2006 Drumoff and see a very uninspiring battery of double stroke rolls on a marching snare. (If that is even really him). If it is him and Adrian Young, than wouldn't that be a Zildjian event, and not a GC event?

The point is it is all relative. Did anyone see the DCI videos and those crazy good guys that play in the drumlines? THAT is "awesome". That 2006 Drumoff video is a celebrity who has skills, but nothing like the DCI guys.

I like what Finn said once about people who post things with no perspective, like the kid who thinks he discovered a great new guitarist named "Jimmi" something.
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