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Default Re: Why Music Venues Are Totally Lost: An Open Letter from a Professional Musician

Every club/bar is different, and different bands will have different experiences there. Sometimes a given band will have different experiences. there are many factors at work with clubs, bands, and especially the patrons who ultimately support both.

I was going to read the article, and the instant I saw "Jazz musician Dave Goldberg" I stopped. Jazz is a whole other animal in terms of playing out, compared to a standard bar band or original band playing clubs. To apply jazz musiciain sensibilities/observations/frustrations to more mainstream genres/bands is unfair and obviously skewed. Different rules apply to different genres, in different venues, in different cities, in different countries.

Actually, I decided to read the highlights... most of them anyway... and the author presents a rather cynical, bitter, entitlement based viewpoint. I suppose it's the old labor-management battle on a very small scale.

It may be an amusing, even thought-provoking read, but don't take it as gospel. Be very careful about after-the-fact negotiations, and trying to tell a club-owner his business or how much value you possess to him. The assumption is that if there was any value, he'd know that up front when the booking and fees were agreed upon.

I've been playing clubs & bars in L.A. for over 35 years. Unless a band can genuinely write their own ticket, they pretty much take what they get. Negotiations are tricky because there are a dozen other bands willing to come in on a day's notice for the same money, so a band can't push their weight around, no matter how logical their argument may seem.

Again, a jazz player in L.A. is not indicative of the general music scene in L.A. or most other cities, nor is it comparable to the jazz scene in New York City for example.

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