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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
I will make a sound check vid/ tour for you. I am a fan of the 16x20. I have it in a VLT and a VLX.
VLX tunes low, and I tend to tighten the heads up to give a pointed attack. Maye the X shell would be the perfect in between. Iit's crazy how tight I have the heads and how low the 20" VLX remains. It's like the drum is eq'ed.
A 20" is punchier and clearer imo than the 22". Near field the sound comes off a bit faster to my ear, and that responsiveness makes it fun to play. If you like a "boomy" sound, just remove the muffling and it's there. I dug a 23" X I had the chance to play too. So if you want a bit more volume/loudness, that is the advantage the bigger diameter.
Awesome - I like the rack too. It looks like doesn't have a huge footprint either compared to using stands. You must be proud of that set!
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