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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by patrickwitherow View Post
Do you happen to have any pictures of your kit setup and from different angles? Also what size bass are you using? I currently have an 18x22, but with the VLX option, I wonder how an 18x20 would sound. I'm also curious as to how a 20" bass would look on a kit as well :)
I will make a sound check vid/ tour for you. I am a fan of the 16x20. I have it in a VLT and a VLX.
VLX tunes low, and I tend to tighten the heads up to give a pointed attack. Maye the X shell would be the perfect in between. Iit's crazy how tight I have the heads and how low the 20" VLX remains. It's like the drum is eq'ed.
A 20" is punchier and clearer imo than the 22". Near field the sound comes off a bit faster to my ear, and that responsiveness makes it fun to play. If you like a "boomy" sound, just remove the muffling and it's there. I dug a 23" X I had the chance to play too. So if you want a bit more volume/loudness, that is the advantage the bigger diameter.
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