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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna
How long has this been going on? People crowded the arenas to see gladiators kill and main each other and Christians being et by lions. I'm not a historian but I get the impression that the grand operas were not as massive or frequent.
reply is a bit late, but just wanting to throw in my 2 cents. AS far as I know drama was pretty big at the time. Just have a look at the pic in this article. The place is massive. It's Greek, but yeah, the picture was more impressive than the roman theatre ;) Anyway. Apart from that I'm totally agreeing here. There is a lot of music and other arts everywhere still, but sports is pushed and supported a lot more. I just have to think back to my school days. Our community centre got more and more financial cuts and had to take higher member's fees just to stay afloat, whereas the sports centre had its own bus and what not.
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