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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!

Glad it's still happening there. How much effect have the pokes had on the bar scene? When I was in Melb around 2002 it was still thriving.
Plenty of pokies in melbourne. Many bars and large restaurants have them.

...and live music is still more popular than going to the footy when I checked last year in the newspapers.

It seems that in Melbourne, the venues that have been popular live music for a while are still running.

Like the East Brunswick Club and the Esplanade Hotel (which is still going after 100 years).

One of the problems with Sydney was venues were closing down.

I am still bad were pokies for the Syndey live music scene, there are plenty of pokies in Melbourne and live music is healthy here. What about the (no offence) more strongly entrenched, shallow and materialistic culture of Sydney:

...surely such values cannot be healthy for the state of art.

BTW Polly, you are not the only one who expresses their concern on the internet about live music in Australia:

...and here is a song that basically expresses your discontent with the pokies:
Check out some of my drumming on my youtube channel:
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