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Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
That's what started it for me. Liar came on a Sat morning music show and I flipped out. I started asking people and at the time and no one had heard of them.

He was less flashy than his contemporaries - Bonzo, Moonie, Paice, Ward etc and certainly doesn't have the dexterity of some of the others, but he managed to transpose his solid style over Queen's wide range of styles in a manner reminiscent of Ringo.

That snare of his is tuned super low; it almost sounds like a tom. Can't imagine playing ruffs on it.

I saw Queen in the 70s when Boho Rhapsody was at its height - my favourite show ever (being in the 2nd row helped). Roger was powerful, dynamic, imaginative, versatile and ultra tight ... which will surprise no one.

Originally Posted by Lilbonzo View Post
Also, in his early years, he looks like my Auntie Anne!!!!
Too funny! She must be very attractive lol
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