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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Harry: What about Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest? Are they part of that list?

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
It's certainly not dead ... but the genre itself has painted itself into a corner. If it evolves, in any way, shape, or form ... then it becomes another sub-genre.
Once, it was simple ... we had rock. Then came hard rock. Then came heavy metal. And now .... yowza .... death, gloom, speed, etc.
I worked in CD shops, for over 15 years .... and out of this list ....
1. Led Zeppelin: 88 Million
2. AC/DC: 62 Million
3. Metallica: 54 Million
4. Van Halen: 50 Million
5=. Aerosmith: 39 Million
5=. Guns N' Roses: 39 Million
7. Bon Jovi: 29 Million
8. Def Leppard: 28 Million
9. Ozzy Osbourne: 21 Million
10. Motley Crue: 19 Million
Only "Metallica" would get classified as a metal band .... the rest ... in the rock section.
No, Death Metal isn't dead, but it's not as huge as the Beatles, the Stones, Pink Floyd ... and it never will be. Heck, Yanni has sold over 20 million records .... I don't think any Death Metal band has done that.
The back of beyond ...
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