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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
There are more people who want to play metal, than listen to it. It's the single-most discussed genre on this board, but has the least popularity. What's up with that?

Metal isn't dead; it's just being classified out of existence. I swear, the next time I fart, four sub-genres are going to come out.
With respect, DMC, you repeat this point of view almost word-for-word every single time the genre is discussed. It seems to me both illogical and rather ignorant. How can there be more people who want to play metal than listen to it, given that all those people will themselves listen to metal? The fact that people might play metal for their own entertainment doesn't render them statistically invalid as listeners. For your favourite argument to make sense, you have to have people who play metal who don't listen to it. Do such people exist? Can you provide any evidence of this?

I must also take issue with this whole 'classified out of existence' business. To take an example, just because what we call 'classical music' could be quickly divided up into medieval/early music, renaissance music, baroque music, classical music, romantic music, modern classical music, and contemporary classical music, and further subdivided to infinity, we would not regard it as having ceased to exist, but rather having become broader and more diverse. Metal is divided up because of its diversity. The subgenres are testament to its evolution, not to its having reached some sort of creative singularity where no further development can happen.

If it was all just referred to as 'metal', the definition of 'metal' would be so vague as to be completely useless. I challenge you to think of an adequate description for modern metal while remaining concise!

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
It's certainly not dead ... but the genre itself has painted itself into a corner. If it evolves, in any way, shape, or form ... then it becomes another sub-genre.
Once, it was simple ... we had rock. Then came hard rock. Then came heavy metal. And now .... yowza .... death, gloom, speed, etc.
I worked in CD shops, for over 15 years .... and out of this list ....
1. Led Zeppelin: 88 Million
2. AC/DC: 62 Million
3. Metallica: 54 Million
4. Van Halen: 50 Million
5=. Aerosmith: 39 Million
5=. Guns N' Roses: 39 Million
7. Bon Jovi: 29 Million
8. Def Leppard: 28 Million
9. Ozzy Osbourne: 21 Million
10. Motley Crue: 19 Million
Only "Metallica" would get classified as a metal band .... the rest ... in the rock section.
No, Death Metal isn't dead, but it's not as huge as the Beatles, the Stones, Pink Floyd ... and it never will be. Heck, Yanni has sold over 20 million records .... I don't think any Death Metal band has done that.
It's a small point, but AC/DC themselves said they weren't a metal band. And I think Van Halen, Def Leppard and Ozzy Osbourne would still be comfortably described as metal in the broadest sense of the word (Ozzy certainly, I don't think there's any argument about that).
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