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Default Re: Drummerworld app?!

Originally Posted by carguy37757 View Post
Has anyone discussed with the board owner to see if tapatalk can be enabled for the board? I use it for many boards and love it. Even if it was a one-off app to view the forums that someone developed would be helpful.
I believe the forum owner needs to register with TapTalk. Since this forum is a vBulletin forum, it's supported, an account needs to be created.

There is a free option to sign up:

A one-off app just for DrummerWorld's forum isn't an option (for me anyway). A forum app with decent features would take a lot of design and development time, and I'd basically be re-inventing the wheel. Not worth it when there are other really good products out there with great support (something I couldn't offer to the extent TapTalk has).

Another alternative is to activate the RSS feeds on this forum, and then browse with an RSS reader app.
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