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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Not sure it's dead and not sure there are more players than listeners. But I'm completely convinced that each band gets its own sub-genre.

War metal? Porncore? Brutal death? Slam death? Someone's pulling the piss now. The running gag has spread and now everyone's on board. As much as I get a giggle out of it, it does border on the absurd.

FWIW, I think "warcore" has a far better ring to it.......I'm off to start a new genre.
All the silly sub-genres really reinforce the goofiness of metal. It is the goofiest genre of music out there, moreso than childrens' TV music, because the harder core the metal fan, the more seriously they take it. Spinal Tap made a statement on the goofiness of metal that still cannot be improved upon.

About the only sub-genre of metal that doesn't take itself seriously is Butt Rock. Unless there's Vikingcore Black Doom Foul Odor Butt Rock. You can tell someone take metal too seriously when they start excluding Butt Rock and other established genres from the metal family tree.
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