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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
As someone who is not into what I would consider Death Metal scene at all, I have to wonder about some of the bands in this list. I mean can bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Van Halen really even be considered Hard Rock or Metal? Dont' get me wrong, I like each of them but I would never put any of those bands, and several of the others on the list, into either of those categories.

I'm not trying to be contrary here Drum, but seriously am asking the question, where does pop music end and Hard rock or metal begin? I guess, like everything else, there is no black and white but there is just no way, in my mind at least, that these bands represent Metal in any form or fashion.

Just my own observation...
I wouldn't consider Jovi or Van Halen metal. I just didn't deleted them off the copy and paste list. And clearly none of the bands have anything to do with Death metal. But that wasn't the point. It's just part of a presentation of facts that metal as a whole sells far better than our friend DMC thinks it does.

In terms of genres discussed on this board, jazz as a whole sells far, far far less than metal as a whole. But no one would dare say we shouldn't discuss jazz. We'd miss Steamer if we did that! (and speaking of, he seems to have disappeared again...)
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