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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
There are more people who want to play metal, than listen to it. It's the single-most discussed genre on this board, but has the least popularity. What's up with that?
Quite simply because you are not correct that is it least popular.

Total US total album sales by hard rock/metal bands
1. Led Zeppelin: 88 Million
2. AC/DC: 62 Million
3. Metallica: 54 Million
4. Van Halen: 50 Million
5=. Aerosmith: 39 Million
5=. Guns N' Roses: 39 Million
7. Bon Jovi: 29 Million
8. Def Leppard: 28 Million
9. Ozzy Osbourne: 21 Million
10. Motley Crue: 19 Million
If you look at the RIAA webs tie for best selling albums of all times:
AC/DC Back in Black is 6th all time
Metallica's Black album is 23rd all time.

On an international level, of course, this much bigger, depending on the band.

Nielsen SoundScan shows that for 2011, Metal outsold rap, and is the 5th leading genre

Here some solder stats showing that from 2006-2009, all music sales declined.
Metal only declined some. Country declines the most. R&B and Rap had significant declines in sales, putting them behind metal.

And granted, this all just USA sales figures. Most metal acts have significant international followings. Metal is much bigger in Europe overall than in the USA.

For example, Metallica s credited with 54 million albums in total US sales, but over 100 million internationally. Rush is credited with 15 million US, and 40 million internationally. Iron Maiden US sales lag behind other metal bands, but internationally they have some 85 million albums sold, and are one of the few bands that can fill an arena is any part of the globe.
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