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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
There are more people who want to play metal, than listen to it. It's the single-most discussed genre on this board, but has the least popularity. What's up with that?
Hmm... Maybe some people don't care for statistics but simply decide to go for what brings them most fun or what they feel it's what they wanna do. If I cared for statistics I'd have to do dancefloor, country or whatever - no thanks.

I guess metal (drumming) is also intriguing to many (me included) because it comes across as 'energetic' and/or 'raw', and also the bpm values are impressive (they are, aren't they? - but impressive skills can be found (in heaps) in funk, jazz, fusion etc drumming also).

you like to bring up a similar view regarding the use of double pedals. I see some parallel here to why I took up playing the electric guitar and why doing this, I focused on solo techniques quite early. While solo stuff makes maybe 2 % of what you're actually playing, to ACHIEVE playing those 2 % at a "good" level requires maybe 70 % of your practice time. In retrospective I'm so damn happy to have invested all that time because if I want to play a decent solo then I can do it, no need to ask someone to do it for me.

Plus, allow everybody to mature - both musically and as a person. Some people stick to the same music all their life, some evolve or 'open up' stylistically. But don't judge metalheads as 'limited'. Some are, some aren't. I think there are enough e.g. 'limited' jazz fans out there ('limited' meaning narrow minded and looking down on some genres). Just be fair. No need to talk down stuff which you don't like. If you don't like it - avoid it, avoid spending your time/energy/forum activity on it. Simple.

And as for 'metal genre diversity': We already had some discussion on DRUMMERWORLD. Please be aware that often (most?) times the bands themselves (and the majority of their fans) don't really care for labeling their style but simply are doing what they do/like. It's the recording companies/labels/magazines/promotion people who obviously see some sense/need to come up with those designations, hoping for more business. Just stay fair.
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