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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!

What kills me is it's even hard to bring it to the streets ... busking licence of $40 for each local government area. Sydney has over 40 LGAs ... this is not encouraging
Good that I live in Melbourne - where there still is an animated live music scene.

After all, it is the cultural capital of Australia.

Beer and circuses.
You can save your soul by not being part of the beer and circuses.
There is not much that musicians can do stop this over-commercialisation of music apart from just resisting by continuing their dedication to their art.

We don't have the same college sports thing - not big enough - but in Oz it's all about sport. My Mum was an author and she used to go nuts about it ... kept on threatening to move to Ireland where she said people appreciated their writers.
I dare you to do something. Ask a few Aussies how many Australian poets they can list off the top of their heads.
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