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Default Re: Is Death Metal...dead?

Originally Posted by ChaosDecides View Post
Of course a good number of people hate extreme metal so obviously this topic is not for you. To me it seems like death metal has stagnated to the point where it has become extremely predictable and extremely boring, at least for the most part. Playing at hyperspeed has been done, and if that's all a band is trying to use as a musical weapon they are missing the point of creating music in the first place. Though a lot of people really like Origin, to me it's just a monotonous, technical gymnastics event. Given death metal has been around at least 25 years, it seems that for the most part it has run its course. Like most styles, there have been innovators and clones that came later when the style got more popular. It seems like clones are the norm this day, even if they are trying to do their own thing and are not consciously trying to copy others. Blasting, gutteral vocals, gore/horror lyrics, have been done to death, almost becoming a parody more than a musical style.

It's interesting that the proclaimed (by fans) godfather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner, got over the whole old school death metal rather quickly and evolved into something that has garnered praise by musicians from all over the metal world, yet this whole idea of evolving seems to have taken root with a handful of bands, but most are still playing catch up. There have been some hybrid type death metal, whether it's with black metal elements, melodic elements (Iron Maiden, etc.), industrial elements, but they too have become stagnant.

I'm just curious what direction death metal is going to take, or if it has hit a wall and is not going any further.

I'm a pessimist in general, so maybe my outlook is a little bleak. What do you guys think?
Immolation has released amazing albus lately. Let's not talk about the latest Morbid album , not my cup of tea.
I heard "Revocation," reccomended by a drummer friend of mine. Interesting take on metal in general. Behemoth put some stuff out that is pretty cool, although for any extremem metal I prefer Emperor for anything. Even though they were Black Metal.

Krisiun is cool.

Nile is still going strong, the last few Cannibal records have been not so great to me.
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