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Default Re: Bass solos. Crank 'em up?

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
However, if a louder bass solo is what ye seek:

How is that for a bear walking on it's hind legs, lol?
Slapping is one way bassists can cut through, though it can get old fast. I read an old interview where Paul McCartney was saying he couldn't do what he called "bumthwacking", which I thought was a fun name for it.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Yes, me too, Stanley Clarke was a revelation for me, there's also a few other bass players I think I haven't heard anyone sounding or playing like they do, Jack Bruce and John Entwistle, both have unique styles and sounds :)

I always liked the bass fills in "My Generation", very much John's trademark style :)

Here's a solo from the late John Entwistle playing with some great rock legends on stage in 1990 ;) (bass solo start at 4:13)
What a bizarre lineup - Keith Emerson,Skunk Baxter,Joe Walsh, John Entwistle and, of course, Simon Phillips, who it seems now plays drums whenever there's a collection of top musos. Seemed like he forgot that the bass solo was John's spot and decided to make it his own - I can't believe it when top players walk all over someone else's solo like that.
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