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Default Re: Are you ashamed of what someone might find on your playlist?

Not really.

I do have music that I put on to make annoying guests exit promptly. Air supply comes to mind.

I literally don't like it, I can't stand it, and hope the annoying "guest" hates it!

Anything that might closely compare might be Billy Joel. He isn't terrible, and some songs are really good as far as the melody. But compare to Emperor, Melvins, Portishead, Slayer, ISIS, Gangstarr and Atmosphere he seems out of place.

The song "Tiny Dancer," perpetually makes me hum the melody, but I don't own it or have it on my computer or in cd form.

A good melody is a good melody.

"Pianoman" is a well written song.

So is "Sworn" of "IX Equilibrium," but that's another story.
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