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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!


The deeper point to Polly's thread is something to really think about, IMO.

Societies which have their culture and art all around them, and as a part of their daily lives seem to me to be happier and more civilized people. Im certainly envious of them.

Stuffing it all away in museums and conservatories, or lofts for that matter, or even charging a pretty penny and making it completely unaffordable for 'Joe the Plumber' means limited access to what is rightfully ours and should be freely available -- Like a pick up basketball game.

And then of course we are all fed drivel by the marketing mavens of Big Business Inc who then re-arrange culture that is designed for profit, and not neccesarily for the enrichment of our collective soul or community building. I should know. I am one.

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