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Default Re: Bass solos. Crank 'em up?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Jut been listening to this - Jeff Beck live, Cause We Ended as Lovers:

An absolute gem. Tal's bass solo is unbelievable but I wish she'd cranked up her bass the way Jaco used to do when it was his turn. It's so good I'd like to hear her more clearly.

I don't see why bassists don't crank up more in their solos. I mean, if they're playing big bass then fair enough, but IMO if the bass has the floor it would generally better to crank up given that there's less clarity in the lower register.

Any thoughts?
I liked that. Subtle, and it sounds like she has a bit of influence from Marcus Miller. He is another of my favorites.

However, if a louder bass solo is what ye seek:

How is that for a bear walking on it's hind legs, lol?
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