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Default Re: Bass solos. Crank 'em up?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I remember him coming up about the same time as Stanley Clarke and it always surprised me how much more attention Jaco got. For some reason I always bracketed them together ... Stanley was the funky acrobat, Jaco the melodic adventurer.

Tal seems to be a mix of them - a melodic acrobat :)
I saw Stanley play this summer as part of the RTF reunion tour and he was the guy who stood out in terms of sheer jaw dropping performance.. took my breath away. You are right Tal has a bit of both in her, but what I really love about her playing is her taste and her choice of notes. Incredibly contrapunctual, kinda unpredictable, and very tasteful. Almost the definition of a great musician. She used to be a guitar player, btw..


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