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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It's all screwy. People making love is considered obscene but people getting punched or shot is family entertainment.
Yep, you see it on the news every day, many people don't even care about it anymore, it's just a routine , there's almost no news headlines on TV without an act of violence commited somewhere in this world, it's pathetic.

The same goes for some film makers, this industry is saturating the world with films which contains violence, murder, swearing, immoral topics and the likes, and a 12 years old adolescent can go and watch these movies, sad really, but it's ok to find sponsorship to make this type of business, it brings money in their pockets, who care about moral and etiquette, heck, only money matters.

In the mid 80's, I was part of a comitee to create an art center in my home town, it was "sponsorised" by the local authorities, after many months of preparation, we finally open the doors to welcome live bands within many styles of music and artists to display their paintings or sculpturs. After a little shy start for the first few weeks, it soon became very popular, and many local bands, including mine has played there, and for once I thought that the authorities had made a good decision, but I was thinking too soon, upon a few complaints from some residents, the local authorites closed the art center after a very short 6 months, the bands were playing on saturday nights from about 9 pm 'til 11 pm, nothing dramatical about it, the rest of the week it was an art gallery, and that's not making any noise, isn't it, be neverthless, they closed it, to say the least, I was furious and disapointed as many other musos within my home town.

Unless you're a big money making artist or band, life will be hard to get there, and you can only dream of any support or sponsoship but to look upon yourself.
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