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Default Re: Bass solos. Crank 'em up?

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
i think it's a sound man issue.
Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Any number of reasons why bassists don't "crank it up", but the biggest reasons are that the signal distorts easily in the bass register and we could conceivably damage some equipment (I'm thinking the subs under the stage). The band usually drops out a bit during a bass solo to give that sonic room anyways.
I think its a combination of sound man, and the perception that most people have when starting out playing in a band - that of "I must be louder than the drums/electric guitar/(insert instrument of choice)". Of course, the guitarist then wants to be louder, then the singer wants to be louder, etc etc. So inevitibly everyone ends up playing with their equipment near full power. Thus there is no 'headroom' available to turn it up on a solo passage and fit the music properly.

Also there is a lack of understanding (or use of) the dynamics an instrument can achieve (drummers are probably the exception though) so eg a bass player might play a whole song at one volume level instead of using the full range of expression achievable.
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