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Default Re: What on earth is wrong with society!


Good vent Pol, but the harsh truth is simple. Economics.

The economics of sport is far more tangible, predictable, lucrative than anything arts related. Professional sport is10 times the money-spinner that a music or theatre related event or festival could ever be.

You are right in that both sport & music/arts are intrinsic to society, but sports translates into very tangible benefits compared to music. It is easy argued that sports is good for health and builds communities. This very quickly scales up to very large numbers and turns into a big business. It could be said that the arts is good for your health too, but its a less convincing argument.

Compare the poster boys.. Roger Federer versus Keith Richards. Who is more aspirational to the 99%? Who would you want you son to be ?

Before you jump down my throat, Im just playing devils advocate.

PS- great timing on this thread, Pol. As I write this, a big event promotion company has suddenly dropped the idea of a 3 gig 3 city tour with Linkin Park, Maroon 5 and Enrique Inglesias and have decided to start a pro - wrestling channel instead


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