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Default Re: DW pedals ... kind of crap?

Well I figured I'd get some full-throated defense from DW fans, and after all it is just an opinion ... and all my other stands are DW, so I have nothing against the company. They generally seem to make great stuff (I prefer Gretsch drums, but if I didn't DW would be my drums of choice).

But I really can't wrap my head around what I see as the shoddiness of the 3000 pedal series in particular. They cost over $100 and don't feel like quality to me. I'm not trying to start a Pearl-vs-DW war, and I'm not a Pearl fanboy (I don't care for their drums and don't generally look to buy their hardware, I just bought the Pearl pedal b/c it was cheap) but my $69 Pearl kick pedal just feels sturdier. It has a chain guard and if I put my foot on it I can't sway the footboard back and forth - unlike the DW 3000, which feels loose and cheap. In fact, the cheapest Pearl pedal feels about the same build quality as the DW 5000, which is three times the price!

This might all be moot because with my size-13 feet I've been thinking of trying a longboard or something similar, but I was just surprised at the seeming lack of bang-for-buck in the DW series.
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