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Default DW pedals ... kind of crap?

I just got a new Gretsch kit, and for hardware I wanted to go all DW. My ride, crash, and snare stand are the DW 3000 series and they're great. But I have to say, after looking at the DW 3000/5000 level hi-hat stands and kick pedals ... they seem kind of crap, particularly for the price.

I have a Pearl 900 kick pedal and hi-hat stand for my e-kit, and they just seem overall better constructed and more durable than most of DW's lineup. The only benefit I see from going DW is the two-leg setup on the hi-hat. But man, the DW hat just feels so cheap.

Are DW pedals just kind of junk? Or do you have to go to a minimum (expensive) level to get quality that most other manufacturers give you at lower prices?
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