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Default Re: Are you ashamed of what someone might find on your playlist?

As to the thread question: mostly no, sometimes yes.

ABBA: My parents were listening to them a lot when I was 6-8 years old so I was exposed to them, too. After that haven't been listening ABBA but I don't see anything wrong in their music. I don't have to get all their albums or something. In fact they are high experts on how to write top 10 and no.1 hits - I read somewhere that they did some study on various no.1 hits and analysed what all/many songs had in common. ABBA wasn't just music from the heart (maybe it wasn't from the heart at all), it was clearly a business, and a highly successful one as we know. Thinking about it, ABBA must have been the first band which influenced me. On a subconscious level. (No, it wasn't Iron Maiden and Metallica - that was much later).

Well 'untypical' stuff/music I can listen to and which I must admit that I like it is e.g (in reverse chronological order - trying to remember):

Cascada - "Fever"

Stumbling across songs like that is what happens to me every 2 or so years. I'm trying hard to avoid listening to music on the TV, I dn't isten to any radio (sorry Benny Greb, but I don't take "Listen to the radio" too seriously, haha). And then, even "that" music has something to offer - not deep substance, but at least clever arrangement, often times surprising elements and frankly, a bunch of cool idead/innovations. E.g. that Cascada song (to my ears) has surprising tonality changes from minor to major which do sound cool. Also the vocals are phrased effectively and work (don't know how hard they've been polished in the studio, by autotune or whatever though).

Sharyhan Osman - "I Feel The Nile"
She made it into the final 10 vocalists of a German TV show talent search. The song arrangement was done by the Heavytones, that show's band. So there's still some potential to make the arrangement/song even better "next time".

Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" is another example (haven't found a YT link to the official version which isn't blocked). I just liked that song (and video) from the moment when I first saw it. I can't find anything about it which I don't find cool. Doesn't mean I have to go and get their album or listen to one more of their songs, but those songs mentioned are ok to me.

There were some more dancefloor/soft techno tunes around 1990 which I liked, but I don't really remember the titles. I liked listening to Haddaway for some time but in the end I don't really miss it from today's perspective.

Haddaway - "What Is Love"

The Prodigy - "Firestarter" (so-so quality, but with the orig. video)
Maybe the most radical/extreme tune from my "odd music/what I'm usually not listening to" category. That Prodigy music and video came across quite innovative/fresh to me. That short melody mixing up major and minor tonality is just cool. Why don't I come up with something like that? Haha.

Part of what I'm listening to is original material. Stuff I'm never ashamed of (except I'm listening to orig. ideas created some 15 years or more ago - that stuff wasn't mature enough yet).
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