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Default Re: Are you ashamed of what someone might find on your playlist?

there is no music that i don't like or that i'm ashamed of having on my playlist.

there are however songs that i don't feel like getting sh*t over from small minded people who's worlds are quite small and can't fathom anything outside of their little boxes.

yes i like the Spice Girls. "Wanna Be", "Saturday Night Divas", "Spice Up Your Life" and the video in the desert one...I'm giving you everything - whatever the name of that one is.

if anyone knows Mel B, tell her i said she's purty. and i love her Yorkshire accent.

Carpenters ? check
Manilow ? check
Debbie Gibson ? check

Carpenters "Goodbye To Love" contains one of the best guitar solos ever recorded. it's a good as the "Bohemian Rhapsody" solo or any other you can think of "Stairway To Heaven".
i love Debbie Gibson so much, i had a block inlaid into the fretboard of my Custom guitar that reads "Anything Is Possible".
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