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Default Elvin Jones

I'm sure there have been alot of these on the Drummers forum, but he deserves it. Probably one of the most humble and happy people that I've ever seen. Not only is he unbelievable but he makes you smile when you see him. I think more people should know who Elvin is and how much he influenced jazz. Anyways what's your favourite song with Elvin playing at the moment? Mine would have to be My Favourite Things by Coltrane. Great song. Just started this to honor a legend.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find the picture Promark did of the empty music stationary that says "A moment of silence for Elvin Jones, 1927 - 2004" at the bottom? It was in Modern Drummer a while ago. I need it because I'm putting it on a shirt but I don't have a scanner. Thanks.
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