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Default Re: Tabledrummer's mutilated Pearl Export fusion kit

Originally Posted by TableMuncher View Post
Had a mini freak out then, browsing through the forum and I see 'Tabledrummer' and misread it as my user name 'TableMuncher' and thought I'd postedthis thread, haha!

What cymbals are you using in he stacks? It looks like a nice set up :)

Thanks! Haha, I almost read that it was me who replied this thread!

The stacks I discovered during the recording-session:

17" Stagg DH Brilliant crash(cut) + 12" Meinl Classics Minichina (hammered & drilled)
18" Sabian XS Medium thin crash + 6,4" Bell (made from 17" Zildjian Z-Custom Rock Crash)
18" Sabian AA Medium crash (cut) + 14" Alchemy Pro A.R.T. top hat (cut) + random bells just for extra fun!
18" Sabian AAX Stage crash + 7" Meinl Byzance Splash inverted

and in the middle pic: 18" Meinl Classic China + 10" Paiste Aplha splash (cut)
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